Batkid’s $105K bill was totally worth it

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – By now, you’ve heard of Batkid. It’s probably the best feel-good story of the year.

At just 5-years-old, Miles Scott survived leukemia. For his wish, the city of San Francisco transformed into Gotham City.

Miles (Batkid) helped save the day along side Batman in their bat mobile.

“He put the mask on, and he was just in the character,” said Miles’ dad, Nick Scott.

While the Make-A-Wish Foundation organized the whole thing, it was the city of San Francisco that foot the $105,000 bill.

But, if taxpayers have a problem with that, it was their fault the event got so big.

Make-A-Wish thought a few hundred volunteers would show up for the big finale where Mayor Ed Lee handed Miles a chocolate key to the city. Instead, about 14,500 people showed up.

The city will pay for the super day using money charged to conventions.

And seriously, it’s just money. To Batkid and his family, the memory is priceless.

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