Comcast, Crime Stoppers offer $30K reward for cable clippers

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HOUSTON, TX – It’s a new epidemic plaguing North and Northeast Harris county, cable clipping!

Since September there have been 6 incidents where cables are being cut along power lines or at utility boxes. Comcast and Crime Stoppers of Houston are teaming up to track the culprits down.

Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia says that an interruption in phone service can leave those in need of emergency services without a way of obtaining those services.

Authorities don’t know whether these crimes are to prevent an upcoming victim from reporting a crime, or if someone gets their jollies from making the rest of us miserable.

There are no suspects at this time, so they’re calling on the community to be on the lookout. A tip to Crime Stoppers could get you a cool $30,000 dollars if it to felony charges being filed.

No serious emergency situation has been negatively impacted yet, but let’s not wait for something tragic to happen before we put a stop to these cable clippers.

[Crime Stoppers]

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