Maryland principal trades desk for more student face time

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OLNEY, MD – As a kid, the last place you want to be sent is the principal’s office.

One principal in Maryland is trading in her dungeon of doom, and taking her justice to the streets. Or you know, hallways.

It’s been two years since Carla Glawe packed up her office and loaded up a cart she wheels around the campus of Olney Elementary.

So why give up such iconic office space for a mobile command center?

Glawe says it helps her to get out and really talk to the kids and find out the details of their day at school.

And the second-in-command followed suit. Olney’s assistant principal, Cindy Chichester, vacated her office too.

With no threat of being sent to the principal’s office, kids have really warmed up to their administrators.

One important question, how does she hide a paddle on that thing?

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