Class Acts: Zeinab Yusuf Succeeding at Her Own Beat

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HOUSTON – “I’ve always loved music. Music is something that I love listening to and I feel like if love listening to music so much, why not play it by myself.”

Zeinab Yusuf did just that when she started playing the clarinet in the fifth grade.

But now, our Class Act of the Week is doing more than just playing by herself. Yusuf is one of the drum majors for Alief Taylor High School.

Alief Taylor High School Band Director Aaron Ellison says, “She’s proven herself to be dependable in my eyes, as well as her peers eyes.”

Yusef has more than just a passion for music. This National Honor Society student envisions a future in pharmaceuticals. Makes perfect sense considering her favorite subject.

“My favorite subject is Science so I have Medical Microbiology, too which are my two favorite classes because I’m really good in Science and I just love learning new things with Science. I feel like I can never get bored when learning about science.”

This senior knows what she wants to do and sh’e hoping to begin the next step at the University of Texas in Austin.

“It was just welcoming to me. I’ve been to other colleges and have had other college visits but UT just made me feel like it was home. And eventually I want to enter their pharmacy school. School of pharmacy.”

Ellison adds, “Oh I think Zeinab is going to do excellent. Her attitude toward work and her attitude toward life is very positive.”

She seems positive about one thing.

“I feel like once I get to college I won’t have time for band, because I’ve been wanting to be a pharmacist for as long as I can remember.”

If that happens, she can always have these types of stories.

“This one time at band camp…”

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