Detroit man uses dummies dressed as gang members as security

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DETROIT, MI-  These days there are a lot of dummies out there.

Dummies have been spotted hanging from roofs and billboards as well as passengers in HOV lanes. Now, they’re part of one Detroit resident’s front porch.

“This is my home. This is my castle,” says the homeowner who wants to remain anonymous.

He lives in a high crime neighborhood and has been burgled 3 times. So he’s jumped into action installing, sensor lights, a security system, double screened doors, bars on the windows, two dogs and two guards on duty 24/7.

At first glance, the guards look real, but they’re actually CPR dummies dressed as gang members.

“You’ve got to go around the corner a couple of times to realize they’re dummies,” he says.

So far it’s fooled neighbors and even the cops.

“Police come through here, they look, stop, talk to me, ask me questions about them and tell me that’s good.”

So what happens if the next burglar isn’t fooled?

“You may see them and get past them but once you get past them you to worry about the problem that’s in the house… and that’s me.”

The next crook that gets past these dummies may need CPR; or an undertaker.