Houston churches ring bells in honor of JFK

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churchHOUSTON – It was a somber day for many in Houston. “I was in the seventh grade,” Joe Messa recalls. “I was on my way to Mrs. Durall’s history and geography class.”

In a single moment fifty-years-ago, the world we live in changed.

12:29 pm November 22, 1963, President John Kennedy was killed in Dallas. Today churches across Houston rang bells in memory of the fallen President.

“It’s special because I remember the Kennedy years,” Houstonian Agnes Thompson says, “and I remember the day he died in Dallas.”

While ceremonies took place across the country, the anniversary is particularly special here. Houston was the last stop for the President and Mrs. Kennedy before boarding Airforce One and heading to Dallas fifty-years-ago.

“I think it’s a special day in Houston,” Messa says, “but I think it’s a special day for all of our country and all the world.”

A day that will be remembered always.