Lakers fan sues Harden for assault, Howard stops by Sesame Street

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hardenWEST HOLLYWOOD, CA – The Houston Rockets know how to blast off on the court, but it’s blasting off off the court that’s got James Harden in some trouble.

An LA Lakers fan, Barak Golan, is suing Harden after he punched him. TMZ says Golan saw Harden leaving Greystone Manor in West Hollywood. That’s when Golan allegedly took the opportunity to take a dig at Harden and yelled, “Kobe owns your a**.” That’s when Golan says Harden took a swing. But that’s not all. Golan says Harden flipped him the bird, too.

Now Golan wants to cash in with a lawsuit. Harden, nor his reps are talking.

While it might be a tough road ahead for Harden, things were looking good on Sesame Street. Dwight Howard stopped by to chat with Elmo about the “S” word. No, not THAT “S” word. It was all about the word strategy and use it.

Maybe the Houston Texans could learn a thing or two about that, eh?!