Moscow subway ticket machine accepts squats as payment

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MOSCOW, RUSSIA – The 2014 Winter Olympics are just months away, and the Russian Olympic Committee in Sochi is pulling out all the stops when it comes to promoting the games and promoting physical fitness.

The team recently installed a special ticket machine in one of Moscow’s subway stations that accepts squats as payment.

30 squats to be exact.

The video on shows people gladly dropping it for a free subway ticket, which costs about 92 cents in U.S. currency.

But why pay for something when you can get it for just doing a little exercise?

It’s part of their ‘Olympic Changes’ contest asking for submissions of ideas, like the squat ticket booth, that show off the joy of victory.

The winning idea gets tickets to the Winter Games.

A simple hoop some creative people can jump through to get a chance to see the rings.