Online Dating site says Houston better for curvy women than Dallas

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HOUSTON, TX – As if online dating isn’t superficial enough, clicking through profile after profile trying to find that dime in a pile of nickels. You can put more thought into what you order off Denny’s late night menu.

Well, Houston, congratulations.  You’re not superficial.  Well … not as superficial as Dallas, anyway. Dating website analyzed over 100,000 interactions between their users and found that curvier women have more dating success in Houston than in Dallas.

The study shows that curvy women in Houston have an 8.9 percent chance of being “liked.”  Take that extra 20 minutes on the Stairmaster if you’re heading to Dallas, though. Curvy women there only have a 2.8 percent chance of being “liked.”

So ladies, if you’re packing a little more curve in that swerve, be thankful you live in the great city of Houston, where having a little more junk in the trunk doesn’t leave you stranded on date night.