South Dakota ranchers force Joan Jett off Macy’s parade float

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SIOUX FALLS, SD – She loves rock and roll, and Joan Jett also loves animals.

But that love for animals has given her a bad reputation in South Dakota. Ranchers there caught wind that Jett is a PETA supporter. Apparently, the ranchers don’t support the group’s vegetarian ways.

So, Jett and her Blackhearts band-mates won’t be riding on the state’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade float. It may seem harsh — it’s not like the singer did anything scandalous like, say, twerk in front of children. The wild girl just doesn’t eat meat!

Jett’s response to the whole bit: “People’s political agendas are getting in the way of what should be a purely entertainment driven event.”

She has now swapped floats. Macy’s hasn’t said which one, but it’s certainly not the one with the giant turkey, or killer whale from SeaWorld!

That brings us to the other parade problem du jour. Considering all the controversy surrounding the documentary “Blackfish” about SeaWorld, this probably was not the best year for the theme park to enter its first float in the festivities.

The film depicts some troubling stuff about the treatment of whales, and it has gotten a lot of people up-in-arms. Now PETA and a lot of other people (like, tens of thousands worth) want SeaWorld out of the parade.

Macy’s is trying to stay out of it.