Time running out for Florida Powerball winner

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TAMPA, FL –  What would you do if you found out you just won the lottery?

You might do a Britney and scream and shout and let it all out.

Now, what if you learned you won but didn’t claim your ticket?

Somebody bought the winning ticket on May 25, $16-million Florida Powerball, but time is quickly running out on the 180-day deadline to take the money and run.

The lucky, or soon to be unlucky, person bought the ticket at this Carrollwood Market in Tampa, and people in the neighborhood can only speculate why no one has claimed the prize.

Some are putting their money on the possibility the person lost the ticket. Others think the person may have died.

Whatever, but if the winner doesn’t claim the money by midnight, it goes back to the state.

If there’s one thing that might be scarier than losing out on a $16-million paycheck, it might be trying to sign up for Obamacare.