Are you hot? Cold? New high tech gadget controls body temp

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If you have hot flashes or you’re always cold at work, a new high tech bracelet might ‘temper’ your comfort. It’s called Wristify.  The bracelet isn’t exactly attractive but it allows you to control your body’s temperature.

Created by engineering students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this battery operated bracelet heats or cools the body by sending hot or cold pulses to the wrist through a copper-alloy heat sink.

The stimuli tricks the body into thinking it’s either hot or cold; just like running cold water over your head after a workout. When you cool one part of your body well, you change your whole body’s thermal comfort.

The team and their ‘cool’ prototype won 10 grand at MIT’s MADMEC – which stands for Making and Designing Materials- Engineering Contest. They plan to use the prize money to market Wristify.

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