Car accident spooks LAX travelers

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LOS ANGELES – Oh, the weather outside is frightful, and so are plans to travel this holiday season.

Snow and ice are forecasted to blow through the plains and the northeast, while ice and flooding threaten parts of the west.

But it wasn’t the weather or the rush of pre-holiday travel that caused panic overnight at Los Angeles International Airport.

Police say travelers got spooked and took off after after reportedly hearing sounds of gunshots, but clarified that “after a short period of time, the officers were able to determine that there was not a shooting that had occurred in Terminal 5, but rather the sounds from the traffic collision caused people to think that there may have been shots fired.”

That, and some idiot also prank called in a report of a gunman at another terminal.

The airport is understandably still edgy after the shooting death of a TSA officer earlier this month.

Autopsy results show Gerardo Hernandez was shot 12 times.

The guy accused of doing it, 23-year-old Paul Ciancia, is charged with murder.


As if holiday travelling wasn’t stressful enough… Now it seems we’ve got even more things to worry about.


Oh well, safe travels, ya’ll.

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