Houston execs spend the night outside for a good cause

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HOUSTON, TX – Sometimes the best way to understand someone’s situation is to put yourself in their situation. That’s why a reception was held at the Covenant House Texas to help raise awareness on homelessness.

More than 40 execs got together Thursday night, allowing time for people to talk to homeless youth. It helped them get a better understanding of their story and their struggles.

After some time indoors, they headed out to sleep outside the campus of CHT. It’s an important topic to raise awareness on, especially with numbers like this. More than 2,400 young people in Houston don’t have a place to sleep. Nationwide, the number stands at two million.

For some, Thursday’s night experience was eye-opening.

“It was definitely an experience, something I didn’t expect coming into it,” said Nate Olsen, director of channel programs at Insperity. “I just have so much respect. I’m in awe of the staff that help these people; the Covenant House bringing in the amount of kids they do.”

Any time of year, especially this time, try and give back to those less fortunate. After all, isn’t that what the true holiday spirit is all about?

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