Man With One Arm, One Leg Saves His Family

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NEW YORK, NY – When you think of heroes, you picture big, strong, super-human-like people.

Fidel Morales lost an arm and the use of a leg in a freak accident when he was young. He’s bound to a wheelchair, but what he did for his family certainly makes him a superhero.

“When I turned the light on, I saw smoke literally coming from the floor. I turned to my wife and said, ‘let’s go!’ And, she was frozen, you know, holding my son. So, I run around and I grab them and pulled them with me,” said Morales.

As fire made its way into the New York City apartment, Morales acted fast.

“You either react or you don’t. If you think, you’re wasting time. Because, when you think, people die,” he said.

Morales tossed his 18-month-old son and 20-day-old niece from the balcony and into the arms of his neighbor.
Then, he jumped.

Morales hurt his good knee, but everyone is safe.

Don’t let Morales catch you calling him a life-saver. He’s humble and gives all of the credit to his neighbor.

It’s just another sign of a true hero.