Things around your house could kill your dog

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STAFFORD, TX- Even the best dog gets into something it shouldn’t. But if you’re a dog owner, you should know there’re a few foods that aren’t “Fido friendly.” So we checked in with Dr. Heather Puksta at Stafford Oaks Veterinary Hospital to get the 4-1-1. “The number one thing we’re seeing now in dogs is Xylitol toxicity.  Anything that’s sugar-free you definitely want to keep up and away from your pet. I had a dog that had Xylitol toxicity from eating sugar-free ice cream with his owner.  She let him lick the bowl at the end of the night and accumulation equals Xylitol toxicity.”

“We had a couple of dogs that ate a pack of gum.  You wouldn’t think that they would dig in your purse and pull out your gum but sure enough it smelled great so they went ahead and ate it, Xylitol toxicity.”

“If your dog knocks over your beer and takes a couple of sips your dog is probably going to sleep fairly well that night.  You may have a little snoring.” Grapes and raisins may seem harmless but can be toxic to their kidneys.  “A glass of wine’s probably not going to kill your bigger dog but it’s definitely going to cause some damage to your kidneys on little dogs” says Dr. Puksta.

“Chocolate is toxic for dogs because it can cause issues within internal organs.  We had a dog at Christmas time that opened up a present under the tree and ate all of these little alcohol-filled chocolates.  The owner was concerned with the chocolate aspect. We were concerned that the dog came in drunk- and had chocolate toxicity.”

Talk about a holiday hangover.