Bear crashes 12-year-old Florida boy’s birthday party

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ORANGE COUNTY, FL – Showing up to a party without an invitation is a major faux pas. Well one rather rude 200 lb. guest must have thought his invite to 12-year-old Cale Herrera’s birthday party was lost in the mail. He didn’t mind the snub though, he just wanted to get his paws on that cake.

Maybe it was the sting of rejection or maybe it was the Florida Fish and Wildlife officers that had been tracking him all day, but the bear quickly took off, taking out a fence in his path.

Officers used tranquilizer darts to bring this party crasher down out of a neighbor’s tree. Turns out he’d been showing up uninvited in the neighborhood all week.

But hey that’s what happens, if you’re not on the list, you’re going to get bounced.