Don’t expect to find real mistletoe in Texas

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Mistletoe still in short supplyHouston, TX – Who’s ready to get their holiday smooch on?

If you want real mistletoe this holiday season, you’re going to have a tough time finding it anywhere around Houston..

There was a drought a couple of years ago creating a mistletoe shortage. Things have improved with the weather, but a local nursery owner says she stays away from the real thing because the plant is toxic to trees.

This nursery owner says mistletoe can be a serious issue when it comes to the Texas Department of Agriculture, even cracking-down on a business if it sells the real “kissing” plant. . However, a spokesperson with the TDA says it does not restrict the sale of mistletoe and they don’t revoke the license of any nurseries that sell it.

Though, if your lips want to get lucky during the holidays, you may just have to settle for the fake stuff. But do you really need real mistletoe to find real love?

Correction: an earlier version of this story  stated The Texas Department of Agriculture is restricting nurseries from selling mistletoe. That information was incorrect, we regret the error.