Mall helper claims Santa got too touchy-feely

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HANOVER, MA – Sometimes, even Santa can have a bad day, especially with all the stress that comes with the holidays.

And one of Santa’s doppelgangers is not his jolly old self after things got out of hand, so to speak, over the weekend at a Santa photo booth in a Massachusetts mall.

Cops say one of his helpers, an 18-year-old female, came to them with an unusual complaint.

She said Santa, who goes by the name of Herbert Jones, pinched her on the butt. He says she rubbed up against him and that he pulled his hand away.

But she says the 62-year-old Santa has told her that he wished she were older and he were younger.

The judge wasn’t a Grinch and let him go home, but told him he couldn’t work as a Santa Claus this year.

Something tells us that his Christmas goose was plenty cooked once Mrs. Claus got her hands on him.