Bad Santa on Naughty List after allegedly Groping 18-yr-old Elf

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One mall Santa in Massachusetts landed himself on the naughty list and court.

Out of his red suit and into a jumpsuit, 62-year-old Herbert Jones, was arrested for an assault charge after police say the “pervy” Old St. Nick pinched the butt of a female teenage elf.

It happened while he was working at the Hanover Mall. Police say he was seeing kids when the 18-year-old victim told police he reached up out of his chair and pinched her tush.

In the report, police said when they approached Jones to ask him about the accusations, he said, “I did not touch that girl.”

The woman also told police that Jones had told her before: “I wish you were a few years older and I was younger.”

In the report, Jones denies his accuser’s account saying that she brushed against him, and that he pulled his hand away.

The judge allowed Jones to go home for the holidays but he has to find a new job.

Jones will appear in court again on December 24th, how ironic.

Oh great now kids will be singing…“They’re making the sex offenders list, they’re checking it twice. It looks like Santa’s been more naughty than nice. Santa Claus is going… to jail!”

Don’t worry kids this is not the real Santa. He’s too busy at the North Pole not being a creeper.

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