Pasadena woman found dead in car

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PASADENA, TX – Pasadena police have a complex case on their hands. They’re trying to figure out how a 26-year-old woman died.

They say her father went looking for her Monday after she missed work and his phone call. Hours later, he got his answer why at the Casa Palmas Apartments on Red Bluff Road.

“They did in fact find her car and body was inside the vehicle,” said Vance Mitchell, Pasadena Police Department.

Another detail Pasadena P.D. and the woman’s father says is a need to know is those apartments are not her home.

“We’re not quite sure why she was here other than the fact that maybe, someone said, she may have left her cell phone here a couple days ago and was looking for her cell phone,” said Mitchell.

Hmm, sounds crazy. But, that’s why cops are crazy busy trying to figure out what happened.