Rick Perry loses bet to Bobby Jindal over LSU game

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perryBATON ROUGE, LA – We all know Texas is the greatest of the 50 states.

But we fall a little short when it comes to college football. At least, we did this weekend.

Louisiana proved its got a better grip on this SEC thing when LSU beat Texas A&M 34-10.

It was a sad moment for Aggies, and maybe even worse for Governor Rick Perry. Our favorite former yell leader now has to pony up some tiger bait after he bet Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal on the game.

Perry owes the Pelican State 100 pounds of Lone Star state brisket.

Jindal had offered up seafood, and considering the season, it’s probably best that didn’t happen.

And hey, we know we have the best BBQ, so why not share it?

Good to see our governors go head-to-head in a little friendly competition. Who knows, we might see more of the Republican rivalry in 2016.