San Antonio cop accused of assaulting teen during traffic stop

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SAN ANTONIO, TX – They’re supposed to serve and more importantly, protect. If the allegations against him are true, San Antonio officer Jackie Len Neal wasn’t doing either.

Neal, a 11 year veteran of the San Antonio Police Department, has been charged with felony sexually assault. A 19-year-old women made the allegation, claiming the officer pulled her over for what she believed would be a simple traffic stop. Instead, she claims Neal cuffed her, threw her into the back of his car, and sexually assaulted her.

Neal denies the claim, but because of the GPS tracker in his patrol car, he can’t deny his whereabouts.

Police say his car was parked for 18 minutes at the exact spot the alleged assault took place.

A few years back another woman made a similar claim about Officer Neal, but she refused to testify against him.