Sugar Land family blames groomer for pet’s death

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STAFFORD, TX – When you’ve been friends eleven years, it’s hard saying goodbye. For Hank Taylor and his family, Poo Bear, was part of the family. A happy, healthy Pomeranian. But all that changed, Hank says, after his wife took the animal to a Stafford-area dog groomer.

“He’d been over there probably – maybe four times.”

Taylor tells us he’d been happy with the service. But the last time it was different. He says Poo Bear was lethargic and breathing heavily when he came home November 10th. That night, Taylor says his dog was bleeding from the mouth. A trip to the vet didn’t do any good and hours later – Poo Bear was dead.

What’s interesting is what vets say was found inside poo bears system. Buprenorphine. A narcotic 20 to 40 times more potent that morphine.

“There was no reason that that dog should have been on that drug,” Poo Bear’s veterinarian Dr. James cox says, “I didn’t prescribe it.”

Hank Taylor says you won’t find the stuff in his house. So how did it get inside Poo Bear? He’s not the only one asking those kinds of questions. Rick Kane says he stopped taking ‘his dog’ to the same groomer.

“The grooming was fine, but even after the first time, the dog was a little bit out of sorts, she was subdued, reserved and she’s usually not like that.”

So far, Stafford police say they are looking into all this, but since no charges have been filed we’re not ID’ing the store.

Still, Stafford police want to know if there are more poo bears out there. Because if something gruesome is happening at a groomer something needs to be done.