Teen fails at ‘Knockout Game’; gets shot by intended victim

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LANSING, MI – A new trend for teens seems to be a big hit, but all for the wrong reasons.

It’s being called the “Knockout Game”, where participants prey on a passerby usually by punching the unsuspecting person in the face in an attempt to knock them out! Thugs then post their greatest-hits online, where the violent game has gone viral.

Knock’em out attacks have been reported in cities like Milwaukee, Chicago, St. Louis and now Lansing, Michigan where this time around, the game didn’t end well for 17-year-old “playa” Marvell Weaver. The teen tried to knockout a random person, only to get shot twice by the intended victim’s concealed weapon.

The unidentified man was waiting at a bus stop for his six year old daughter to be dropped off from school. He wasn’t attacked with a fist this time, but by a faulty taser. The taser didn’t work, but the man’s legal .40 caliber pistol did, and he shot Weaver twice in the leg. Now the troubled teen is serving a year in jail for the attack.

Weaver admitted that he would play the game on a dare, while getting high with a bad group of friends. From knockout, to shootout and now lockup, Weaver is lucky to have limped away from this stupid game with his life.