The Pies the Limit: Pie season off to a good start in Houston

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piesHOUSTON, TX – The holidays are here. We all know what that means. Pie season is upon us, and our beloved city knows exactly how to celebrate.

At Flying Saucer Pie Company lines are already wrapped around the corner as patient pie connoisseurs wait upwards of an hour in the blistering cold to bring home a slice of pure happiness.

Studies show 90% of Americans agree, a slice of pie represents one of life’s simple pleasures.

Unfortunately, there’s no pleasure to be had at the House of Pies on Kirby; the roof caught fire recently and they’ll be closed for business this holiday season. But not to worry, you can still get your sweet fix at the house of pies off Westhiemer in the meantime.

For these folks they’ll keep their pie to the sky and when it comes to fresh baked goodness; the pies the limit.