Toronto mayor has higher poll numbers than Obama, Congress

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Roll that Tom Petty video, because President Obama has been in free fall for several weeks. Or at least his poll numbers.

The latest free fall comes from the CNN/ORC International poll showing the majority of Americans just don’t trust Obama, 53 percent.

That’s a far fall from December 2008 when 72% said yes, they think he’s honest and trustworthy.

On the question of whether President Obama is someone they admire, 56% said no, which is a total reversal from just six months ago.

Meantime, here’s something that will make you say: what the Ford?

Toronto’s booze guzzling, coke snorting, “I-got-plenty-to-eat-at-home mayor Rob Ford is more popular in his own city than the US Congress is here in this country.

New polls show Ford enjoying an approval rate of 42%.

You heard right, 42% of Toronto citizens say they approve of his performance in office.

But that 42% approval rating is higher than President’s Obama’s recent Gallup Poll  approval rating of 39%, and way higher than the 9% approval rating Gallup gave Congress earlier this month.

Apparently, what they say is true, that things go better with coke.