Yale goes on lockdown after report of gunman near campus

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NEW HAVEN, CT – The days, you can never be too careful. That was the reality for the Yale University campus Monday.

“We have a caller who stated that his roommate was the person who was coming toward campus with a gun,” said Officer David Hartman with New Haven Police.

That caller, though, was anonymous, and he gave no description of the supposed roommate to cops.

Still, the school went on lock down for most of the day as officers went from room to room searching for a gunman.

Fortunately, they found no one threatening. But it’s sure to be a hot topic once students return from Thanksgiving break.

On the topic of school shootings, the public is getting its first look into the tragic details of the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre.

The report reveals a timeline showing police arrived fewer than four minutes after the first 911 call was made, and Adam Lanza, the guy who murdered 26 people that day, killed himself just one minute after that.

The whole thing happened in about ten minutes.

The report is 44 pages long. It’s a shorter version of what’s to be released sometime next year. But in all of that text, the answer to why Lanza killed 20 kids and six adults is not answered.