New York passenger train derails in the Bronx

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NEW YORK, NY – A Sunday morning commute turned deadly after a metro train flew off the tracks in the Bronx.

“It just derailed. It was going fast and our car flipped a couple times,” said a passenger.

Turns out, the train’s operator told investigators he applied brakes to the train ahead of a sharp curve, but the train did not slow down.

“What we do know is four people lost their lives today in the holiday season right after Thanksgiving.  They are in our thoughts and our prayers,” said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Also in mind, are dozens of others who are struggling in area hospitals.

“We had to use airbags under the train to remove some of the critically injured.  We had to cut some people from within the train who were slightly entangled in the train itself, to get them out,” said Edward Kilduff, Chief of FDNY.

Right now, it’s unclear just how fast the train was going before terror struck. The National Transportation Safety Board is figuring all of that out. But, learning the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of the accident will never erase the pain.