Artist paints with his tear ducts

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BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA – Forget about a paint brush; 27-year-old artist, Leonardo Granato, of Argentina, paints with his eyes.

When he paints, he sucks pigments into his nose and then paints the canvas using the tear ducts of his eyes.

Granato calls his remarkable painting technique “Teardrop” painting, and he said he has been working on the skills for more than three years.

Granato says his pigments are made from plants, so they will not bring any harm to his body, nor will they cause any discomfort during the painting process.

Granato spends a lot of time researching these particular pigments and he also goes to hospital for regular examinations to make sure they are safe to use.

And for those collectors that don’t believe their eyes — he includes a video to prove his painting process.

Large pieces generally sell for $7,000.