Creator of Star Trek’s Galileo lands in Houston

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HOUSTON, TX – Human nature is fascinating: one day you’re dreaming, and the next day you’re conquering the universe. Gene Winfield is in town. Have you heard that name before? He’s the designer of Star Trek’s Galileo, the first space shuttle ever. Fifty years after Galileo was seen on TV, this visionary is reuniting with his beloved creation at Space Center Houston.

A science fiction hobbyist was responsible for restoring Galileo and donating it for everybody to see.

Gene Winfield is a self taught artist who liked to work with cars and quickly became one of Hollywood’s favorite fantasy makers.  You’ve probably seen his vehicles in Blade Runner and Back To The Future Part II. Galileo has been a source of inspiration for the whole space program.

“The Galileo was a forerunner for space and I think it’s really great to be a part of it,” said Winfield. “I think it was the first shuttle that would land on Earth from the outer space.”

Without a doubt, an enterprise that took off.