Is Pope Francis sneaking out to visit Rome’s homeless?

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THE VATICAN – A pope may be more than what we see. He may have an “altar” ego, so to speak.

For instance, Bishop of Rome by day and Sith Lord of the Galaxy by night. (Okay, that’s not true.)

But word is that Pope Pius XII used to dress up as a Franciscan priest to help smuggle Rome’s Jewish population to safety.

Benny used to jet from The Vatican, cleverly disguised as a pope to visit art exhibits.

And now we learn from the Catholic News Service that Pope Francis told some parishioners lately that he was a bouncer in his previous life.

Other Catholic publications are also reporting that pope Francis still loves the night life.

Archbishop Krajewski, the guy who holds the papal purse, is saying Francis likes to dress up like a priest and go out among Romes poor and homeless.

It beats showing up on comedy shows.