Are men’s and women’s brains truly wired differently?

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PHILADELPHIA, PA – Alright boys and girls, here’s a question for you: who are better drivers, men or women? Who are better listeners?

“Men definitely are a little better at spacial perception, that sort of thing,” Houstonian Ken Groue admitted when we asked him to define the differences in the sexes he’d noticed. “I think women are probably better at organizing, getting along together.”

Gender stereotypes have been the butt of jokes for years, but are they true? Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania say, ‘you better believe it.’ Scientists collected more than a thousand brain scans from both men and women and examined differences in the neural circuitry. And what they found may not surprise you.

“I don’t know men that have very good memories,” Jacqueline Smith allowed when we posed the question to her.

And it’s true. Neural connectors in men’s brains are primarily wired front to back, researchers discovered, making us better at coordinated action and motor skills, whereas women’s brains are typically wired left to right, enhancing things like multitasking and gauging social interactions.

“Myths always have some sort of truth behind them, so it’s not too unsurprising,” Jacqueline’s grandson Paul noted when we put him to the test. “I mean, we wouldn’t be saying it if there wasn’t something to justify it.”

The most unsurprising of all? – the way female brains are wired lends itself most to intuitive thinking and memory. So be careful what you say, guys. It’s true. Women really do remember everything.