NTSB boots union from NY train derailment investigation

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NEW YORK, NY – The latest mistake from New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority did not cost lives, but it did cost the union that represents rail workers to get the boot from the derailment investigation.

It apparently goes back to Union General Chairman Anthony Bottalico revealing more than he should have to the press on Tuesday.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, the Association of Commuter Rail Employees (known as ACRE) had been welcomed to the investigation for technical expertise, but they were supposed to stay hush-hush on the details.  Despite that, Bottalico told reporters that the train operator, William Rockefeller, may have dozed-off behind the controls.

“I just know it was a lapse, that was a nod, or however they want to couch it and it was a mistake that any of us could make, and he caught the mistake too late,” Bottalico said.

Bottalico also said Rockefeller, known as “Billy,” is taking the loss of life very hard, “It’s crushed him. Billy is, very affected by this.”

Four were killed and 67 others were hurt in the Bronx crash.

It’s been determined that Rockefeller had the train going 82 miles per hour in a 30 zone.

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