Swedish inmate escapes prison to go see dentist

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SWEDEN – A 51-year-old inmate in Sweden busted out of prison because of tooth pain, then promptly went to see a dentist while on the lam. The man, who was serving a month sentence told a Swedish newspaper that after complaining about his toothache to prison officials to no avail, that he just couldn’t stand it anymore.

It’s not known how he was able to get away. Nonetheless, he pulled an escape, just to get his tooth pulled by a nearby dentist. Curiously, the inmate escaped not because he wanted to be a free-man, but because he just wanted to be pain-free. After checking in with a doctor, the man checked himself back into jail.

Back in the prison, the returning inmate got a little bit of a verbal reprimand and an extra day tacked onto his sentence. But in the end, the relieved man gladly served the rest of his term out with a smile.