Texans Chance for Playoffs: Slim and slimmer

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texansHOUSTON, TX – The question Texans fans are asking today is whether there’s any hope for the rest of the season, and if there’s a chance to make the playoffs.

That’s two questions.

Texans fans haven’t had much to cheer about this season as they watched the team fall to 2-10, but the rocket scientists at the NFL fired up their computers and came up with a few ways the Texans could still make the playoffs.

The first step is for the Texans to win their remaining four games.

Next, Baltimore and Miami would have to lose all of their remaining games.

The third thing is for the Titans, the Steelers, the Chargers and the Jets, to lose at least 3 of their last 4 games.

Finally, the Raiders, the Browns and the Bills have to finish 2-2, or worse.

And even if all of those things happen, there’s still a bunch of tie-breakers that would have to fall into place for the Texans to get a second wildcard spot.

Bottom line is this: we’ll just have to wait to see how everything shakes out. In other words, wait until next year.

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