WIll Lamar High School adopt a new mascot?

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HOUSTON, TX – What’s in a name? Well, a boatload of controversy if you’re not careful. Since 1937 students at Lamar High School have proudly cheered for their school mascot, the Redskins. But now, all of that may be changing.

State Senator Rodney Ellis sent out a tweet showing a letter he’d written to H.I.S.D. Superintendent Dr. Terry Grier asking that the mascot be changed, calling the term “inflammatory” and a “relic of a shameful, discriminatory past.”

“If your mascot is the redskins,” the Senator told us on the phone, “whoever came up with that, whenever they did, were not trying to honor the native Americans.”

What’s more is the conundrum the two names bring together. Mirabeau B. Lamar was the second president of the Republic of Texas elected in 1838. His first action as president was to call for the eradication of Indian tribes in Texas and order troops to drive the native Cherokees and Comanches out of the state.

“I think we should keep our name, because it’s a tradition,” student Zack Arrazolo told us.

“A lot of people are saying it’s offensive,” Adrianna Franklin countered, “I mean, it doesn’t really affect me if it’s changed, but maybe we can change it.”

H.I.S.D. sent out a statement saying they are aware of Senator Ellis’ request and the matter is currently under discussion.

“I’ve talked to Dr. Grier about it two times,” Senator Ellis said, “and I thought he was sincerely and genuinely interested and sympathetic to the issue.”

Now it’s a wait and see what, if any, changes come.