ACLU wants tasers banned in Texas schools

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HOUSTON, TX – The American Civil Liberty’s Union is asking the Texas Police Commission to stop the use of tasers and pepper spray in schools.

“We don’t think we need to use weapons on our school children,” said Terri Burke with the ACLU.

Noe Nino De Rivera, a 17-year-old student at Cedar Creek high school in Bastrop, is the reason. He was tased on campus, fell, and now remains in a coma.

Burke added, “We need for teachers and law enforcement to go back to using the skills and talents that they’ve always used, which have been very effective.

De Rivera was breaking up a fight between two female students and following officer’s instructions according to the family’s attorney, Adam Lowey.

HISD doesn’t use tasers or pepper spray, its officers rely on pepper foam because it’s less likely to affect bystanders.

Gayle Fallon with the Houston Federation of Teachers said, “I would think as far as a taser; that would be more something that the officer would be using on an intruder rather than a student.”

Burke said, “We don’t need to declare war on our children, we need to help our children.”

What about gang problems in some of our schools, or other serious altercations?

“I do know it’s different, but I don`t think we ought to be shooting our kids, and that’s what a taser does,” according to Burke.

What do you think?

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