Man arrested for charging electric car at Georgia Middle School

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CHAMBLEE, GA – A man near Atlanta was arrested for theft. That doesn’t seem highly unusual, but what he was arrested for might come as a shock.

He’s accused of stealing 5 cents worth of electricity from his son’s middle school.

One Saturday afternoon, Kaveh Kamooneh drove his Nissan Leaf to his son’s school to watch him at tennis practice. He took the liberty of charging the electric car with an exterior outlet at the school, but within minutes of plugging the car in, a police officer showed up.

“He said he was going to charge me with theft because I was taking power electricity from the school,” Kamooneh explained.

But Kaveh wasn’t arrested then. The officer filed a report. It wasn’t until 11 days later when police showed up to Kaveh’s front door and arrested him. He spent about 15 hours in jail before he was able to get out.

Kaveh doesn’t see what the big deal was, considering he was only plugged in for 20 minutes, which equals to about 5 cents worth of juice.

Still, police say stealing is stealing.

Man, talk about getting all charged up!

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