Winter storm wallops much of the US

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DALLAS, TX – Snow, sleet and ice, oh my!

Drivers in North Texas faced treacherous road conditions on their Friday morning commutes. The ice storm caused multiple roll-overs in Arkansas, including a seven-car pileup.

In Oklahoma, the driver of a semi-truck lost control on an icy bridge and plummeted into a lake.

“It’s real slick, as soon as you stop you slide, you can’t even get up the hill, it’s best to stay home today.”

Staying home is the best advice, but some didn’t have that luxury.

Those expecting to fly in and out of Dallas didn’t. Hundreds of flights were cancelled.

“I understand up in Dallas, they’re having some real problems and that’s too bad for them but good for me. I’m outta here and I’m on my way to Chicago,” said Todd Rooney.

“So far, we’re getting text messages that say our flight’s delayed about 20 minutes. I’m expecting it to be a little more, but it’s part of the trip,” said Meghan Scoggins.

It’s not nearly as cold and miserable in Houston–yet.

Rain and drizzle are headed our way, and areas to the north and northwest–like Huntsville, Brenham and Bryan–could experience slick roads, especially on overpasses.

“If you encounter a patch of ice, what we want you to do is stay off the break, we want you to decelerate and keep both hands on the steering wheel to try and maintain control of the vehicle,” says a Texas State Trooper.

The freezing temps are expected to stick around for the weekend, so stay safe, stay warm and stay off the roads, will ya?

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