Woman finds half-smoked marijuana blunt inside Wendy’s burger

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LOVEJOY, GA – Smoking weed can make you do some really dumb things.

But we’ve gotta be blunt with you. This is one of the dopiest things we’ve ever seen.

Amy Seiber, 32, was arrested and fired from her job flipping burgers at a Georgia Wendy’s restaurant, after she topped a burger with a half-smoked marijuana blunt, police say.



According to TMZ.com, the blunt was discovered when a customer took a bite of her burger.

Police say Seiber told them she was smoking on the job when she ‘misplaced’ the marijuana inside of the cheeseburger.

The customer claims she was hospitalized with ‘food poisoning-like symptoms’, so Wendy’s offered to pay her medical bills and gave her a $50 gift certificate (Like she’ll ever eat there again).

Don’t expect to see the ‘blunt burger’ on the menu anytime soon, but this sure does give a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘burger joint.’



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