Barron Hilton gets in brawl at party, blames Lindsay Lohan

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MIAMI BEACH, FL – It was just four months ago when Lindsay Lohan sat down with Oprah, told us about all the problems we knew she already had, and vowed to stay out of trouble. My oh my how quickly things change, or stay the same.

Lindsay was in Miami over the weekend for (surprise, surprise) a party. It was a party that Barron Hilton wanted to get into. He’s Paris Hilton’s little brother. But they didn’t let Barron inside.

Miami Beach police say a fight broke out between Barron and Ray LeMoine, a friend of Lindsay’s, and before you know it, fists were flying.

Barron posted a picture to Instagram showing his injuries. He also accused Lindsay of orchestrating the whole beat down because she thought he was talking bad about her.

Lindsay’s doing what she does best – deny, deny, deny! But it’s only getting messier for Lohan. She says she was nowhere near the whole thing. One problem, though. There’s video around the net allegedly showing Lindsay and Barron exchanging some heated words shortly after the fight.

Barron is threatening legal action.

Another case of he-said, she-said.

One thing we do know, Oprah’s probably not happy.