Houston Astrodome demolition begins

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HOUSTON, TX – You may have felt a little rumble in your living room last night; no need to worry though, it was just the first phase of the Astrodome demolition.

The pedestrian towers were the first to go.

Leonard Cherry, from Cherry Companies, says “What you’ll notice on the structures, you can see the black, that’s where the explosives are placed. You’ll also see other slots and that’s where the building has been pre-stressed so that it’ll allow for the lean.”

So what exactly happens after these ramps go boom?

Well, according to Leonard Cherry, “There’s about 10,000 tons of concrete and steel, and it’s 100% recyclable, so all this material will be going to one of our recycling facilities here in Houston to be re purposed and used here in Houston.”

Only three of the towers were candidates for TNT explosion, the fourth tower will be dealt with conventionally. It won’t be long now before Houston’s 8th wonder is nothing more than a memory.

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