New record for most pregnant women doing yoga

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SHENZHEN, CHINA – A new Guinness World Record has recently emerged in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen where nearly 500 mothers-to-be practiced yoga together.

To mark the event and make it more interesting, many of them drew various adorable cartoon characters on their baby bumps, such as Angry Birds and the Chinese cartoon Pleasant Goat.

The event attracted widespread public attention.

According to the rules, all the participants were required to complete all the yoga exercises that last about half an hour without leaving halfway, said Wu Xiaohong, the Chinese representative for the Guinness World Records.

In the end, 423 out of the 500 participants made it, creating a new Guinness record.

Many participants said they think yoga exercises are conducive to natural childbirth which, they believe, have a lower risk than other childbirth models with medical interventions, such as a caesarian section.

“I think yoga exercises are certainly very helpful to natural childbirth because they help build our ligaments and joints,” said a participant.

“I believe if my body becomes stronger, my baby will be in good health in the future,” another participant said.

According to statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO), China has the world’s highest rate of caesarian section, about 47 percent. The rate is the threefold of the WHO’s standard.