Obama, Bush, Clinton, Carter attending Mandela memorial

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Remember back in 2009 when all the living former presidents met in the White House with the current occupant.

Pictures of the event seemed to show that no one wanted to stand too close to Jimmy Carter.

Poor jimmy. Ya give up a canal and lose an embassy, and next thing you know, no one wants to stand next to you, or fly with you, apparently.

The Obama’s are on their way to South Africa for a memorial service Tuesday for former South African president Nelson Mandela who died last week.

Former president George W. Bush and Laura Bush accepted a lift, along with former secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

Carter was president while Mandela was serving his 27-year prison sentence, but just like with the U.S. hostages in Iran, Carter couldn’t spring Mandela.

That’s probably not why Carter isn’t riding with the Obama’s and Bushes, though. But he won’t be flying alone, thanks to Hillary’s husband and daughter who will keep Jimmy company on the long trip.

As many as 90 current and former heads of state will join 94,000 others Tuesday for a Ceremony of Remembrance in Soweto’s soccer stadium, a security nightmare for a man who helped nation’s dreams come true.