Black Santa Billboard Sparks Controversy

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A billboard asking “Can Santa Claus be a black man?” was removed after sparking controversy at the Indiana University Bloomington campus.

The billboard was placed near the entrance of the Foster Quad residence hall. The idea of the billboard was to spark up a conversation on racial stereotyping.

The boards also asked whether Santa would only visit the ghetto if he were black, and whether people ever played with a black Barbie doll. Another asked if a black Santa would steal presents.

It didn’t exactly put students into the Christmas spirit, instead they went off on social media. After much criticism IU removed the billboards and apologized for offending anyone.

What do you think? Should the billboard have been taken down? I say no! The idea was to spark a conversation and get your attention. Yes, it should make you feel uncomfortable, just like racial profiling makes Black people feel uncomfortable every day. It’s time we stop tip toeing around racial issues and talk about them.

That’s my take, what’s yours?

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