Comedian tries to teach drunk driver a lesson with coma prank

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Usually, pranks are just for giggles, but in this case, the prankster wasn’t looking for a laugh.

Comedian and YouTuber Tom Mabe wanted to set his friend straight, after he was charged with his fifth DUI.

Mabe hoped an elaborate prank would be enough to scare his friend out of his bad behavior.

The prank involved turning an office into a makeshift hospital room, complete with medical equipment.

Mabe and his accomplices then waited for their friend to pass out in his car and brought him, without his knowledge, to the fake hospital.

The pranksters say their friend was out for three hours.

When he woke up he was still drunk, and that’s when they told him he had been in a coma for ten years.

Eventually, Doctor Mabe “slaps” some sense into the patient and reveals his true identity.

Mabe says his friend laughed a lot so he’s not sure if he learned his lesson. Hopefully, because drinkng and driving is no joke.

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