Government shutdown part deux

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – While most of us are busy marking our calendars for the holidays, Congress has a different date in mind.

Forget the first! It’s Mid-January that our elected representatives are concerned about, because that’s when  “Government shutdown part deux” begins.

Who wants to relive that mess we went through in October when the government when on a 16-day hiatus because officials couldn’t get along? Not us!

However, do you remember that “Bi-Partisan Conference Committee” that emerged from the last federal budget-bonanza? That group says they expect to finalize a deal before the committee’s own deadline set for Friday, the 13th.

They’ve got a lot to figure out before then though.

Where will they make the cuts?

Will they finally pass the Farm Bill, that would set federal agricultural policy and spending on food aid, or is Ole’ McDonald S.O.L?

More importantly for jobless Americans, will unemployment benefits be on the chopping block when so many are already struggling.

If they can’t reach an agreement, Congress all lands on Santa’s naughty list; but here’s to hoping for a Christmas Miracle!

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