Houston principals in legal troubles

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HOUSTON, TX – Detention is where you send the bad students, but where do you send the bad principals? It seems you send them to court. That’s where Tammie Daily was on Tuesday morning. The Shadydale Elementary principal was arrested for allegedly stealing Christmas ornaments.

Daily’s attorney says that they are looking forward to clearing her name, and that the whole incident was a very unfortunate mistake and not a theft.

The case has now been turned over to the Fort Bend County District Attorney’s Office.

“In this particular matter the Harris County District Attorney’s Office felt that it would be best to serve justice by recusing itself  in this particular matter because of an allegation of a relationship; a family relationship between the accused and a member of the staff,” said Fort Bend County DA John Healey.

Daily isn’t the only bad apple in the bunch. Wheatley High School’s principal, Ronald Rodriguez is facing drug charges after he was arrested during a traffic stop in Alabama back in October. Cops allegedly found marijuana and cocaine in the car. Rodriguez wasn’t alone. His fiancee, who also worked for HISD was also in the car. Both are no longer with the district and are facing drug possession charges.

Another principal on the bad roster, Sharpstown High School principal Rob Gasparello. He’s facing allegations, along with two other assistant principals, that they failed to report three cases of child abuse. Gasparello’s lawyers are hoping to get those charges dropped.

Students usually get the tough lesson, but it looks like these school officials are the ones getting schooled.

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