Jesse Owens’ Olympic medal sells for record $1.4M

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LAGUNA LUNEL, CA – Some people need the occasional “odd job” when it comes to acquiring gold.

And others have been known to raise a ruckus, kinda like that Fort Knox gold bar fight from Goldfinger.

But nothing like that happened when Jesse Owens’ 1936 Olympic gold medal went on the block at SPC Auctions.

It went for a record-setting $1,466,574.

Pittsburg Penquins owner Ron Burkle was the highest of 30 bidders, shelling out the cold cash, the highest anyone has paid for Olympic memorabilia.

Owens ran off with four gold medals at the berlin games, much to the delight of everyone except Adolph Hitler and his crew.

Owens gave the medal to song-and-dance man Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, and it was the Bojangles estate that sold Jesse’s gold.

In case you’re wondering, Jesse’s medal is worth way more than its weight in gold.

In fact, at today’s price for gold, Jesse Owen’s medal sold for about the same as three gold bars locked away at Fort Knox, about 76 pounds, or as Flavor Flav might say, just some walkin’ around bling.

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